Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Marriage and its Trends

In the recent times, it appears to have become a constant, to not marry but to be "together" works well for most, and some just don't want any part of it. Speak with some of the University Graduates, there views are very different now then they were before, some see that sacred vow to be the start of a cycle of pain. To just do what has been done for so many years previous in existing moment by moment. With that view, I thought it through, and really I think that may be only a part of the reason why it is so rare now.

Besides the fact, that many of my co workers from jobs previous would tell me they had been with so and so for how many years, not ever really expecting to marry. They have children, they live together it is almost the same, perhaps it is just the fact that the flexibility plays a role in that process. Just the fear of commitment, a contributing factor could be another reason. I will not offer definitive evidence because each person is different just as each couple is. What I will offer is my own insight on the sights I have seen and the people I have met.

If you look at those who are married they are often from a previous generation, whereby marriage was held in a high regard and promoted as such. They have kids, they both work you know the story. The sad part of it is that someone else often raises there children because of the ways of today. Working to many hours and getting paid to little money. Trying to survive and struggling to keep there lifestyle alive. Sometimes two jobs or more just to pay the monthly bills. They would say they are happy even with the undue stresses thus associated. It is a cycle they made the choice to be a part of and deal with the consequence of that choice. Interpretively speaking of course, each person can choose there own word they feel most appropriate to the circumstance. Love, and marriage, a dying viewpoint? I cannot say though I see, the trends have changed just as the times have. Now it is more about working to survive, living on the edge of bankruptcy to raise a child, a family, to keep things together to move forward. It is just so much to do in life and living that perhaps marriages has been placed on the back burner, because it is just as difficult to survive alone then to survive together. Again this is only one point of view, not definitive in any way as each person interprets the situation in there own way. It is merely what I have seen and understood when talking with so many individuals.

Things always go in cycles clearly, yet I wonder when this trend will go full circle. Maybe generations later, perhaps next year, hard to say with the economy in disarray. Still some make that choice to marry the one they love. Far more though make a different choice, they have more options now. They choose the route of least existence. In a relationship forever, just as a steady boyfriend and girlfriend. So there is my view on the said subject. Will you share yours?

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