Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long Distance Relationships and Trust Issues

Why is it so difficult to deal with a relationship at distance, for that matter why do people even take the first steps in that direction? I thought I had a girl, and all seemed well until my birthday came around and many of those I kept in touch with offered me warm birthday wishes, one of them was a very old friend of mine who I have kept in touch with for a long time.

In closing her birthday wishes, she shared that I was her best friend. And in that the other girl, I thought was going to be the one, does a 360 degree turn, and starts attacking me after questioning who this person was and why she signed the birthday wish as my best friend. Afterwards saying I was a playboy, and that I was messing with this friend of mine behind her back.

Seriously folks what are your thoughts on such matters? Is it worth staying with this person who is at distance, or is it better to move on from here. Share your views in the Comments down below.