Saturday, January 31, 2009

Love & Lost Phase II

Well the final straw went ahead and broke the camels back, in a letter from my ex to my good friend who we will call sonja, insulting her beyond any necessary scope and making her feel that she is hurting this supposed us that it seemed my ex thought there was between her and I. As a result sonja just informed me that she will stop all communication between her and I because of my ex and the letter she sent sonja, and myself disrespecting and insulting the both of us via friendster. Such insults that struck deep within sonja's kind heart, to a point where she then wanted to discontinue all communication and sever all ties. The sad thing is just the other day sonja had sent me a message, proclaiming that thank God for bringing me into her life. Even with such excitement and joy less than a day later this whole event took place, simultaneously severing all communications and hurting both sonja and I. One letter that was the last singular straw until the camel could handle no more. Such damage that destroyed a friendship built up over years and constant communication. To add insult to injury sonja and I were just about coming onto the 7th year we had kept in touch in so many days that have passed.

The question is if a relationship is built over a span of time, does it not seem that even the slightest ripple from the rock being thrown in the river have such a devastating effect? When a relationship is strong, shouldn't it then withstand the inevitable storms of life and jealous girls? It seems in my own view that a solid relationship built on a solid foundation should only become stronger, the bond more secure throught he good and bad times. The only reason a relationship would seem to fall apart before your eyes is if you built it on sand it will eventually collapse after only a few storms. Just as any foundation that is not fortified will eventually succumb to the ravages of time.

The situation in this particular relationship seems to relay that perhaps what was thought to be solid was never truly fortified and as a result one challenge in life, that results in being insulted without cause or reason, can be enough to break it apart. One singular message my ex decided to send to me and sonja, because she was unhappy that she was not getting her way and that the relationship was not working, could have such dire consequences. The annoying persistence of my ex simply because she was not getting her way. It may of been a series of things or that one straw hard to say when communication with the only other party involved is severed and disconnected. All because of a false assumption of my ex, figuring that by hurting the only other one I cared about who was one of my best friends would give her the way she wanted.

I can only close with saying how disappointed I am in my ex, as I figured she was better then that. On the other hand though, it was probably for the better so that my ex cannot hurt another with her scorn and jealousy based on a false assumption. The basis of this whole process, because I thought I could give my ex one more chance, my mistake it would seem. Vision is certainly 20/20 when you look back and step out of the personal aspect of it and see this situation for what it was. Simply a womens scorn from a false assumption and the jealousy of my ex thinking if she hurt another she would have me. I honestly cannot say what went down, only those two know what occured there and what lead up to the letter sonja sent me communicating that she wanted to sever all communications because she thought she was hurting my ex, when in reality my ex had already hurt herself.

The straw that broke the camels back, no more opportunities for my ex, no more chances for her, it over between her and I. I realize now that I really should of stopped this long before it reached this point, certainly at least sonja would not of then got hurt, and this article will never have been written. If it had, a different format, a separate idea following the same theme of Loves Lessons, harsh as a teacher love may be it can only improve who you are as you progress through the eventual challenges that are par for the course of life.

The final result, severance of communication to sonja, a person I cared about and was one of my best friends, lost because of a spoiled brats, scorn and jealousy. For now it ends, but you never know what tomorrow will bring, what next month will provide and be seen. Will it be the end or the beginning of a new chapter in life?

Stay Tuned ....