Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Quote - A Powerful Lesson

I'm so sorry Ray, i do love u, i do appreciate u, but i live in the real world so i need a real person. i tried to wait u for a long time... but i got nothing...
via sonja

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I have experienced many different levels, of powerful lesson in love through loss. As I realized today and looking back at the previous post, I understand better why things did not seem to work out. I look at my track record in love and certainly it is not spectacular, though there has always been one constant. That there can be love, but as it has been said many times in many different variations. Love is a wonderful thing, yet it is always fleeting. As love without action, and follow through is only a feeling running away from the person who did not take the steps to make a change to bring the love to fruition.

In that quote I added lovezlessons I realized that perhaps the challenge with love is that in and of itself, like a flower it withers without being taken care of, even a flower that seemed to have lasted six years with such a minimum of care will eventually falter, and slowly wither away. Just as this quote represents, she waited for me, sonja who waited for me for over six years and I kept in touch, I kept the communications open but never beyond that, there was only words, only messages, not a person, not handwritten letter only words on a screen. May as well just been another spammer when you consider that love as the flower withers without care, and if there is not a person, there is not a real being who communicates by the simple effort of writing a handwritten letter or showing proof that the love is truly there. Then it is like giving up and letting go, to see if the plant can survive on it's own, without care, without expression. The fact of course is that the plant will die, the beautiful flower will wither to nothing, without a person. Without a real connection. Lacking the touch, the feeling the existence, the actuality of the moment. Things which are so important, to keep the love alive, to keep it from flitting away and being lost till the end of the time we each have on this earth. It is not to say love is only a one time thing, more to say that love can be found once again but when it is lost it can be more difficult to find once again.

As we as humans adapt, sometimes for the better or worse, but we adapt. We become stronger supposedly, close our inner person up because we do not want to be hurt again, we try and fortify our true feelings figuring the world is a callus place. When in reality, the responsibility is with you and the person in the mirror. Simply put, such a circumstance can be slowed by taking the time to make the effort to add a bit of water, a bit of Tender Loving Care, to help the flower once again recall that there is life. There is existence, one can grow, can show in all it's glory.

It is merely a matter of action beyond the words of I love you, the proof positive that there is more to it, that there is love with a person not just with a machine, a being who only exists online never beyond that. When she said it like that, she lives in Real Life, she needs Real Love, it should of been seen as the clue, the key to help her grow. To help the love grow and progress and become what it truly is, more then just a feeling, a lifestyle. True existence, love, some say defy's definition. Really though, love is the whole package, the words, the actions, the simple and small little things that make the love special, make the flower see there is more to it, there is more to grow, more to experience. Truly love is a lifestyle, to do the simple things for the one you truly love, to offers non-judgemental ideas and opportunities.

Love can become life, if only it is remembered, how truly important it is to take action on the feeling, before the feeling flits away. I do not say I am a relationship counselor, instead I simply say I am a person who has experienced Love and Loss, and I am sure we each have had that experience. Certainly we adapt, we do what we can to improve who we are, the first step is always the most difficult, and words and action are two very distinct ideas and yet like the Yin and the Yang they complement each other. Words and Action brings results, a flower that is watered and taken care of will only grow and become more beautiful, while on the other side, if a flower is not taken care of, if no action is ever taken there is only death. There is only an end to existence, in a lonely life, for those last days as the colors fade away, and slowly but surely the flower that has not been taken care of will pass into oblivion. So really instead of death let there be life, let there be growth, simply take those actions in love, and grow through them, solidify what is true love by action, don't you agree?