Monday, January 7, 2008

Is it worth it?

Sometimes as this journey continues I find myself wondering if it is worth continuing. With simple things become large things, the simplest ruffle in the supposed sea of love and suddenly all is off for the moment at least. I wonder now as I wondered then what is the reason love can be so difficult. Is it just the fact that as the journey continues so does the trials?

Or maybe it is just the fact that love is considered by one to be a very fragile thing while the other looks at it differently. Perhaps one notices and observes that love is a journey while perhaps the other considers that it is a destination.

So here I be pondering the possibilities. Is it worth the stress, the constant arguments? Or is it just not meant to be the case today, tomorrow, or next week? Maybe even next year, what a deeply engrained enigma is love. Will there ever be a time when it can be explained? Perhaps so or perhaps not. It is in this mystery that makes it most interesting as well as most frustrating. What does one expect from the other? How does it work when the view is different on both sides of the fence?

Maybe culture and its associated shock, confuses some and clarifies to others. The men are from Mars and Women are from venus, how appropiate is that? Does it actually hold true in loves excursions, its variatations?

I can only offer the questions and explain them according to me, your view may be different, and that is what makes each unique. It can be just so frustrating in existence and in this varied reality.

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