Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Story

And so it continues, a new year long past, Valentines flying by just as all time does. What did you do for valentines? Did you subscribe to the commercial hype or remember what the day is truly about. The history of valentines may be quite different then you have heard of before.

You know I was talking with my girl today ... well actually the 14th. And she asked me "Where is my Valentine Gift?" I thought about it for a moment, and my response ... "the best gift I can give you is within your heart, in the knowledge that I care for you so much and love even over an ocean. My valentines gift to you my girl is in the deeply rooted love I have for you and to the excitement of our future. That my dear is the best gift I can offer you." A moment of silence passed and all she could say was "Thank You." To realize how much an effect that had on her ... helped me to remember that though Valentines Day has become commercialized the underlying celebration of love that presents still resides and will until the end of times.

The power of love my friend is an amazing thing, Valentines Day is about those you care deeply for ... that you offer your heart unconditionally. And for that I am thankful as I hope you are also.

Thanks for taking the time to Read ... And no matter how much Valentines is commercialized never lose sight of truly what it is about ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love and a Plan

Another day has come and gone, earlier this time then the last. Still I look at today and what occurred yesterday and I know that I need to change. My goals need to remain at the forefront of my thoughts and the purpose in my actions. In the coming months I plan to be in the Philippines with my girl. To so it is necessary to work toward that goal day by day. It will take concerted effort to make it happen, a big goal certainly and has been as such since I was talking with another girl before the one I have now. It has long been something I have wanted to do, It has been long in coming to bring that together and tin finally take this trip. Once it is fulfilled then what?

At high likelihood, and the logical continuation, when I arrive back to the states from the Philippines is to began the process of bringing her here for the process of marriage to get here here for the exclusive reason to marry three months from the time she arrives. At that point it will require an entirely different set of goals personal and as a family. What are some of the things that need to be in place to have her here with me?

Most likely having my own place would be a bit one. Good to start with a one bedroom place and grow from there. Would rather it be a house then an apartment. Hard to say how that will be. A condo is a good idea though a lifetime goal of mine has been to have a place in the mountains away from the noise of the city with acreage all around the area to enjoy without the possibility of development in the near future, enabling us to enjoy it in the beauty of days past.

Times when you lived off your own land, and only went into town to get the few things you could not grow or raise on the land. To otherwise enjoy the beauty of the mountains, natural streams, insightful hikes through the wilderness, or a wondrous Mountain Bike ride along some exciting single track. If you felt like just taking a horseback ride on one of your own horses. The simple pleasures in life
seeming to be lost in the hustle and bustle of today. Working to many hours and not getting paid near enough for your efforts.

Still it is a goal of mine and just as the long awaited trip to the Philippines will come to pass so shall my Mountain Estate, deep in the mountains along with all the benefits that go with it.

On income to pay for two instead of one, what kind of effort would that require, I want to keep her home, call me traditional, or male chauvinist, understand I want her to raise our children not a day care facility, or someone that is not there parents.

There are diverse options that could produce income while she is at home, writing, editing, quixtar, house cleaning so many options. Anything that would produce additional income and provide a sense of accomplishment, would be appropriate for one I love dearly.

From a story to a personal view, I offered, read through and visualise the possibilities for you.

Friday, February 1, 2008

On Changes

So the story continues, in love you learn, in relationships you grow. A constant challenge that is life, that is existence. Relationships the enigma they are and will continue to be. Ongoing life, with an ongoing journey. With the death of a Grandmother I realized something that life is definitely a gift, and in a relationship so it becomes all that much more valuable. Life must be lived fully, not allowed to just pass you by. To share this gift that is life, you understand, and take the steps to make it the best it can be. With Valentines Day coming soon you realize flowers for the one you love or chocolate to make the day all that much more better. I understand that it is a holiday that celebrates love, and that is a wonderful thing.

So Look upon the options and realize the potential of making this fine day a true celebration of the one you love.