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To Be of the Year of The Dragon

Facts to Know about Dragon Love Compatibility

by biotrend

Dragons are popular and easily attract people through their irresistible, charismatic, generous and intrepid personality. Even standing beside them can dispel fear. They are capable of generating excitement and are head turners. These impulsive free spirits are also congenial spouses and help their partners to realize their dreams.

Dragon lovers also have the strange knack of making people around them feel better and so people love to be in their company. Because of their impulsive natures, dragons don't take time to fall in love.

But they are not ready to surrender their independence easily and can leave their partners to lead solitary lives if their independence is threatened. However the dragon will never desert his/her partner once he/she commits him/herself to the relationship.

What Do They Expect From Their Partners?

A dragon likes to get hitched to a funny, witty and smart lover.
His partner has to intrigue him and keep up his interest long enough to enable him to contemplate marriage. Dragons are moody and sentimental and pretty insensitive. It requires a thick-skinned and easygoing person to get along with a dragon comfortably. It is not easy to gel with a dragon spouse.

A dragon has a fierce and volatile temper and it becomes extremely difficult to handle him when he erupts. To add to these negative traits, dragons love to be the cynosure of all eyes and have to be showered with constant attention; they are egotistical, dominating, imperious and authoritative. Modesty is not their cup of tea. Solicited advice is something they abhor and they don't think twice before being insensitive and tactless with their partners. Therefore it requires a patient, understanding, mature and sensible person and oodles of guts to become a dragon 's compatible life partner.

Love and Compatibility with Various Signs

A dragon and a rat can forge a brilliant union that will overflow with plentiful love, mutual understanding and mental sensitivity. If both the partners can find out a middle path to make their relationship work, the marriage will work out fine. A dragon and tiger combination is full of gusto; it 's a powerful match that can fuel passion. Mutual cooperation and respect are necessary to make the relationship durable.

The obstacles and impediments in a dragon rabbit union can both divide or unite the couple. Both the dragon and ox are extremely obstinate, they don't realize the necessity of giving and taking in a relationship and hence will never find happiness in marriage. Two dragon people can become perfect partners if they learn to share the limelight. A dragon and a snake will fit together like hands in gloves for they are quick-witted, crafty and clever.

A horse can share a sizzling sexual chemistry with a dragon. A sheep and dragon are sexually compatible but the union won't be fruitful as there are too many differences between the partners. A monkey can be a good partner for a dragon for their aims and mentalities are matching which will bring them joy.

A dog and dragon match is not advisable for the affair will be too tempestuous and both partners will lose peace of mind. A pig can form a lasting relation with a dragon that will be full of deep affection and mutual care. A rooster and dragon have what it takes to form a beautiful couple, but the relationship falls apart due to egotism.

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