Wednesday, November 26, 2008

GoodNight Sweetheart - Where to Go From Here.

GoodNight - To Say & To Believe - Love

It is amazing sometimes how things change, sometimes for the better other times for the worst, all in par for the course that is life with it's obstacles and ups and downs. To love a girl and to love her without condition, or malice can be a powerful thing but when this girl turns about and begins to speak of no longer being Boyfriend or Girlfriend, instead just friends what does it mean exactly? As I thought about it and had an opportunity to ask my friends online, I ended up with many view, but essentially it was merely a matter of either looking for more commitment or trying to get a feel for where each stands in the relationship. As I thought about it, I figured perhaps it was for the better, a more solid option to see where it goes, simply because of a quote offered to me by @successcoach via twitter that essentially said:

"relationships hurt, but how can you know love without pain, cherish what you have/had and keep those thoughts in your mind...
if you love someone set them free, if they come back to you it was meant to be"

That was some very serious thoughts, and got my mind to thinking ... that perhaps if this is meant to be in setting her free she will come back to me. Even if she does not at the very least letting a bird fly, helps you realize that the bird has always expected the freedom one day. And in that release perhaps she can find another who is more suitable to who she is looking for, even if it is not me. No doubt it may hurt a bit, but then again at the very least you let her fly to find her own way south.

It is a difficult time though as I thought things were looking up and was expecting a care package she had taken the time to prepare and send, and now I do not know if I will ever have the opportunity to see all the wonderful things she had done for me. Except as one friend to another, which I can appreciate but know it will not be at all the same. Better to step away on good terms though so my hope is that is what will occur in this experience. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments and thanks for reading.

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