Friday, April 18, 2008

Things Change - Or Do They?

Does love change, is it lost and not found again? Or is love an ongoing story? You know as I was thinking about things just the other night, I started wondering, thinking about where things are in comparison to where they have been. Life is certainly full of ups and downs don't you agree?

Well the point being, as I was thinking about the possibilities I found myself thinking of my babe ko. Wondering though what is going on what has happened with her as I have not heard from her in a bit.

Whether it is just the busyness of life, or something else without communications you can never know. You ever been in that situation in your life? If so what did you to improve it. Or did you just roll with the punches and not take action and see where it will go?

As I thought about her I realized that I cared for her, and as such the effort seems worthwhile to get things done, You agree?

Whether you do or don't it's okay with me, I just like to see some feedback, some activity to make things more interesting then they stand now. Life is most certainly full of challenges it is what you do with them that could make or break the situation. The choice is one which I need to make to exist fully in life and in this moment in time.

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