Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What is Love?

The infamous question asked for ages previous, the answer never really cut and dry. There is to much, compiled together and being called love to really explain it. Most would say it is only a feeling , that as such it can not really be explained. That is the easy answer, the complexities of a response to such a question could make up a book thousands of pages long. Or could it?

You ever wonder if you took the time to write it down and try and explain it level by level. If you chose to ever take the time to research it fully. What you would find? If you would accept the explanation or depending on the person it varies wildly. I often ponder such possibilities, to try and comprehend this reality. I may fail, sometimes but I always grow from it.

To define love, well lets try this one out ...
  • Love is unconditional - caring for a person no matter the challenges you may face.
  • Love is Mutual - Love though not as apparent as you might hope. It is usually between two sentient beings who care for each other deeply.
  • Love is ongoing - suffice to say love is not easy, it comes with its challenges and the choice is up to you what to do with it.
  • Love is improved over time, through the good and bad times. To stay by the other no matter the challenge you may face.
  • Love is Complex - Best known as a deep felt feeling, of caring for someone unequivocally, not judging and not trying to change, instead accepting for who they are.
  • Love can be a give and take process ... one for the other under constant variance.
Certainly not an exhaustive list but a true one ... though you may be asking ... well ok, how does that explain what "love" is. Well perhaps I should refer you back to the beginning love is a complex experience, full of challenges and times of growth. For each person love is different. For each group there is different variations. The list though short, does hold true. And if you have any comments please take the time to leave me one. We shall see how this grows or not.

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