Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Story

And so it continues, a new year long past, Valentines flying by just as all time does. What did you do for valentines? Did you subscribe to the commercial hype or remember what the day is truly about. The history of valentines may be quite different then you have heard of before.

You know I was talking with my girl today ... well actually the 14th. And she asked me "Where is my Valentine Gift?" I thought about it for a moment, and my response ... "the best gift I can give you is within your heart, in the knowledge that I care for you so much and love even over an ocean. My valentines gift to you my girl is in the deeply rooted love I have for you and to the excitement of our future. That my dear is the best gift I can offer you." A moment of silence passed and all she could say was "Thank You." To realize how much an effect that had on her ... helped me to remember that though Valentines Day has become commercialized the underlying celebration of love that presents still resides and will until the end of times.

The power of love my friend is an amazing thing, Valentines Day is about those you care deeply for ... that you offer your heart unconditionally. And for that I am thankful as I hope you are also.

Thanks for taking the time to Read ... And no matter how much Valentines is commercialized never lose sight of truly what it is about ...

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