Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love Is Complex - An Enigma

You know when I think about it, this love, this enigma, I try to understand it ... to experience it and to understand while it should be unconditional it is sometimes not even close. I cared for a girl once, and I thought she cared for me but apparently not enough. As what may of been expected to go well, to have reached the logical climax, in the sense that the love lasts through the trials and errors inevitable in our existence today. A love that holds strong through the early years of a mutual relationship. To continue and to survive even through those tough times. It is in those times the truth may often come out ... to reach the point of an engagement, the first step in the direction of a life time commitment that is marriage. Yet I think about it, this girl I once knew, all seemed well except when you looked more closely removed the blinders often put up, to see if this person could truly be that one. The one you want to have kids with, you want to love and care for till late in the years. The vows say "Til Death Do You Part" meaning through all the challenges to love so much as to remain at that persons side. To not leave at the slightest inclination of frustration, whether it is monetary or otherwise. It is the understanding that regardless of the challenges we each face, within reason, that love is eternal. Love is expected to last for as many years as we are all so fortunate to be upon this earth. With time flying so fast, I wonder sometimes what do we each do with our time? With this minute amount of time as a part of this earth, will we leave the one there is claim to love because we do not get our way? Because we want something and it cannot be provided at that time. Is it in that there is reason to no longer love. To no longer love and to leave, because there is a challenge we face. One which we all need to get through.

When you consider love, and you try and expand the view on it, you find there are many sides to such a simple thing. There are many aspects, it is not just that you say 'I love you' it is what is behind the words. It is what either of the two truly hold beyond just those three words. On that point a thought came to my mind as I pondered the possibilities to a point where I decided to step away from this blog and move it to a new one:

On Lessons Learned Through Love

Perhaps new, another chapter of my experience, this one will survive in memory and in the future things will be brighter.

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